Peach Plum & Blueberry Galette

Peach Plum & Blueberry Galette.

This is a dessert of my dreams. A French dessert which is rustic, with flaky and crisp crust, tangy and sweet.

Would you believe if I tell you this is refined sugar free too? I used coconut sugar to make this dessert. I also used a combination of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour along with pulsed almonds and it tastes superb!!! This is such a simple and easy recipe that results in a gorgeous looking dessert. The only thing is to work pretty quickly with the dough so that the butter doesn’t melt. That is what makes it flaky and crisp. Also, avoid keeping the dough in the room temperature for too long. Sliding it in the refrigerator at every opportunity is recommended.

Since plums and peaches are in season in India, I have used those fruits primarily.  Feel free to use strawberries or any other berries and stone fruits of choice.

If you like this peach plum and blueberry galette recipe or have questions, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below or connect with me on my Instagram and Facebook handle.

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Peach Plum & Blueberry Galette

Peach Plum & Blueberry Galette

Arpita Darooka
Refined sugar free, guilt free, delicious fruit dessert.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Course Dip
Cuisine French, Global
Servings 7 Inches


  • 1/3 Cup Whole wheat flour
  • 1/3 Cup All purpose flour
  • 4.5 Tbsp Coconut sugar or brown sugar
  • 5 Pcs Butter cubes cut into 1 inch each Butter should be cold and not at room temperature.
  • 1/4 Tsp Salt (if using unsalted butter) Optional
  • 3 Tsp Ice cold water
  • 4 Pcs Plum - small to medium sized
  • 4 Pcs Peaches - small to medium sized
  • 1/8 Cup Blueberries
  • 1/4 Cup Almond powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon powder
  • 2 Tbsp Milk Or whisked eggs
  • Vanilla Ice cream To serve


  • In a mixing bowl - add whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, 1 tbsp coconut sugar and butter. Mix them well until the mix is crumbly.
  • Sprinkle cold water and knead until moistened yet crumbly. Knead it quick into a dough. Don’t worry about the smoothness.
  • On a lightly floured surface and by using a rolling pin roll the dough into a circle. Transfer it to a cut out parchment paper and put it in the fridge for 10 mins.
  • Meanwhile cut the fruits into thin wedges.
  • Take the dough out of the fridge, and still keeping it on the parchment paper, roll it into a thinner and bigger circle. Thickness around 1/8 inch. Don’t worry about the rough edges.
  • Put the parchment sheet on to a baking tray. Now by leaving 1 inch space on the sides, sprinkle evenly a little flour on top. Then sprinkle the almond powder evenly. Sprinkle 2 tbsp coconut sugar. Arrange the cut fruits and blueberries. Sprinkle 1 tbsp coconut sugar and cinnamon powder on the fruits.
  • Fold in the edges on the fruits and brush the top of the dough with milk or beaten egg. Sprinkle a little almond powder and coconut sugar on top.
  • Transfer it again to the fridge. Meanwhile pre heat oven to 175 C (fan assisted)
  • Bake this gorgeous beauty for 40 - 45 mins or until the crush is golden brown and the fruits look tender enough.
  • Serve with vanilla ice cream.


Working fast with the dough is highly recommended so that the butter doesn’t melt. This is essential for a flaky crust.
Strongly recommend serving this with vanilla ice cream.
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